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Mapping in KilterBR

Mapping for KilterBR is pretty much the same as it was in 2k4 BR, we offer four actors:

  • KilterBRBombSpawn
  • KilterBRBombDelivery_Red
  • KilterBRBombDelivery_Blue
  • AdrenalinePickupFactory

Just plop those in the right place and you’re off. The goals automatically get the standard mesh and a standard emitter effect (the particle swirl which took ages to finally duplicate, mind you). Both of these can be changed via the editor. We might consider other customizations in the future (such as custom collisions).

In general, we recommend using the standard goals, as they are familar and consistent between maps.

You can put Adrenaline wherever you want in your maps. If a server disables Adrenaline, the pickups are automatically removed.

You name your maps with the KBR prefix (e.g. KBR-Flarized.ut3). Vehicle BR maps are prefixed with VKBR.


We support several events and one condition in Kismet.

On the KilterBRBombDelivery objects, we support the “Goal Scored” event. When this event is sent, it contains two variables: RedTeamScore and BlueTeamScore. You can use these values however you wish.

On the KilterBRBombSpawn object, we support three events:

  • Taken – The ball was picked up and is being carried. This can happen anywhere in the map, not just at the ball spawn.
  • Dropped – The ball is no longer possessed, this could happen if the user uses DropFlag, is killed, or even shoots the ball.
  • Returned – The ball was not touched for too long and was returned to the ball spawn.

For conditions, we support one condition: “Is Carrying Bomb”.

For events, the easiest way to get at them is to select the object which has the event you wish in the editor, then go into the Kismet editor and right click. You will see an entry that starts with “New Event Using Kilter…”. In the submenu off of that item, you’ll see either “Goal Scored” or “Bomb Event”.

Goal Event Context Menu

Spawn Context Menu

Once you’ve chosen either, you’ll see the appropriate item in Kismet.

Goal Scored Event

Spawn Events

You can then just wire it up as you need.

For the condition, you can just right click, select New Condition -> Kilter BR -> Is Carrying Bomb:

Condition Context Menu


When building your map, I would avoid cooking it. It will mean a certain rebuild if we ever change the core gametype (and will probably will, since we’re still beta).

Please don’t try to get the goals to use static lighting. It shouldn’t be possible, but even if you somehow force it, it’s best to stick to dynamic lighting as your maps will be better insulated from any future changes.

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