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Unreal Tournament Reborn

by on Jun.01, 2016, under Uncategorized

The pre-alpha of UT4 has dropped and, so far, it’s been fun to play! I’ve also joined their Github, so I might start to spend time building Bombing Run for UT4 as well. We’ll see how far I get, as time is limited these days…

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PS3 JAM files coming…

by on Feb.07, 2010, under Uncategorized

Now that it’s possible to get custom sounds into PS3 packages, I’ll be making KilterBR available for PS3. I already have the game type, 2D, and Anubis working. I might want to factor some stuff out as mutators if I can first. Or I might make it available and then do that in later releases. I’m not sure yet. But it’s looking pretty good right now in 50 inches of plasma glory!

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KilterBR 1.0b9 Released

by on Feb.07, 2010, under Uncategorized

This version fixes a bug in multi-dodging. It would basically cause multi-dodge to just stop working, or not work at all.

Get the new version here.

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KilterBR 1.0b8 Released

by on Dec.29, 2009, under Bombing Run

I just put beta 8 up (will I ever be done?). This one fixes stuttering from multi-dodging. For best performance, I put multi-dodge back into the gametype. If you still use my mutator it will ok, but in some cases it might still stutter. Most of the problem was a replication issue in KilterBR, but because the multi-dodge mutator works on tick, there are still delays when networked which might make it less than glassy.

With this change, even with a 100+ ping to my test server, multi-dodging is silky smooth, like you’d expect (and like you get in 2k4).

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It’s Christmas Day

by on Dec.25, 2009, under Uncategorized

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

As a gift, last night I fixed downloads on our downloads page. Some of them weren’t finishing (Twin Tombs and Skyline). Now they are!

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Anubis for Kilter BR Finally Released

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Bombing Run

It seems like forever that I’ve been dealing with Anubis. I started it before I even started on KilterBR! But it’s finally here and available on our maps page.

There are actually two files in the download package: the map, and a separate texture package. I separated it because I’ll be using the Egypt textures for a KBR version of the old Apophis map from 2k4. The Egypt package is cooked, so be warned. The map itself is not.


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Multi-Dodge Mutator Updated

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Bombing Run

I’ve updated my multi-dodge mutator to add an option to give you the behavior that existed in 2k4 when wall-dodging: the ability to stop your fall. This was a bug in the 2k4 sources, but so many people keep bitching about it not working that I figured I’d finally give in and add an option. The option defaults to false (the pure and right choice), but you cheaters can set it to true if you want now 🙂

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Beta 7 Released

by on Oct.14, 2009, under Bombing Run

Beta 7 is now available on our goodies page.

Changes in 1.0b7

  • Fixed issue where ball trail would zoom from last place ball was picked up to current launch/drop location using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where ball tracking in HUD would sometimes not show correct position when carried using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where if a pawn feigns death while holding the ball, it would actually get killed using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where dodging would appear to lag or glitch.
  • Fixed issue where standing against a wall and shooting ball would reset the ball using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where ball would immediately reset if it entered a pain-inducing volume. It now waits until it has landed before ‘dying’ like 2k4. You should use killZ volumes if you want areas where you can shoot the ball into and have it reset immediately.
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Honorable Mention in MSUC

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Bombing Run

Apparently we’ve gotten an Honorable Mention in the Make Something Unreal Contest, Phase 4! I never really expected to win, but at least we were recognized as having something of value!

Click here for the thread in the Epic forums.

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KilterBR 1.0b6 Released!

by on Sep.06, 2009, under Bombing Run

KilterBR 1.0b6 changes:

  • Fixed issue where ball could fall out of geometry and you’d get a stream of “ball reset” messages.
  • Fixed issue where ball would say reset, but it wouldn’t get sent back to the ball spawn.
  • Quieted some noise from Squad AI accessing bad variables.
  • Altered Bot behavior if team size is 1.
  • Fixed access of None when a kill was recorded.

Download it here!

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