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Translocator Fix Mutator

by on Jul.12, 2009, under Bombing Run

There is a serious bug with the translocator in UT3. If you are moving forward or dodging forward and shoot your trans, it can actually hit you in the back and bounce off. Yet other players on the server see the translocator move forward as expected. After multiple unanswered cries for help on the forums, I started tracking down this issue myself. The result is a new mutator. It’s small, simple, and effective. 3 lines of code to fix this issue :-/

We can finally play UT3 like we’re used to and no longer get tripped up thinking we’re going to translocate someplace that we’re not. Or the disc going the wrong way.

Seriously, Epic, please fix this. It’s frakking annoying, and if I wasn’t able to work around this, we’d likely just give up on UT3. Yes, it affects our gameplay that much.

You can get it on our Goodies page

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