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New KilterBR and Translocator Fix Mutator

by on Aug.01, 2009, under Bombing Run

We’ve release our latest KilterBR and Translocator fix mutator today. Here’s the important changes


  • Fixed issue which would cause us to rewrite the UTKilterBR.ini file with our old prefix.
  • Removed Multi-dodge and quad jump functionality and pushed it out to mutators, available on our site.
  • Consolidated options under a ‘bUse2k4Movement’ flag. This now does all it used to, plus corrects dodge speed, jump z, and multi-dodge boost. Also, air control is now set to 0.2 when this setting is used.
  • Added bUse2k4Gravity setting. This setting sets the gravity to approximate 2k4 gravity. If you use the standard UT3 low-grav mutator, we detect this and set it to approximate 2k4 low-gravity. This mean we don’t need a special mutator just to get 2k4 low-grav settings.
  • Removed the RespawnDelay setting and hard-coded it to be 1.0
  • Added settings scene to allow you to change our setting for instant action, etc.
  • Changed default settings to enable throw score, adrenaline, 2k4 movement and 2k4 gravity.
  • Added setting bTeammateBoost (enabled by default) to allow you to turn off team boosting.
  • Fixed issue where if you shot/dropped the ball with your back against a wall that was at the edge of the world, the ball would fall outside.


Completely changed implementation strategy to reimplement the trans and not subclass from the orginal. One downside of this is that bots will no longer recognize trans discs to destroy them. I’m willing to live with this for a trans that behaves.

Get them both on our Goodies Page.

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