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KilterBR 1.0b5 Posted

by on Aug.31, 2009, under Bombing Run

Good changes. We’re almost ready for final release. Download it here!

Changes in 1.0b5

  • Rigid Body Physics! You can now turn RB physics on/off as an option (it currently defaults to on). The Mod Settings button has a checkbox for this. With RB, you’ll get a more realistic ball effect. We’re still tuning the ball mass, etc. but I wanted to get this out sooner rather than later. So the ball may behave a bit differently in the final release. If you use RB physics, you can have the ball react correctly to water volumes by setting the Rigid Body Damping to around 2. Should behave like it used to in 2k4 water volumes. You’ll also notice the ball rolling around a lot more now 🙂
  • Kimset support. We support events and a condition. See the mapping readme for more information.
  • Tweaked ball trail.
  • Reworked Adrenaline combo code.
  • Added rings around player when activating the Berzerk combo. They used to exist in 2k4, but not in ut3.
  • Moved Adrenaline display to default to right side in order to avoid the play clock. If you play VBR it will be over on the left.
  • Tweaked ball sound to have a better sound radius.

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