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KilterBR 1.0b9 Released

by on Feb.07, 2010, under Uncategorized

This version fixes a bug in multi-dodging. It would basically cause multi-dodge to just stop working, or not work at all.

Get the new version here.

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  • KeiwL

    Hey, your Mod is awesome but i want to make maps for KBR too. Where i can find this? : * KilterBRBombSpawn * KilterBRBombDelivery_Red * KilterBRBombDelivery_Blue * AdrenalinePickupFactory

    I just have the Package KilterBRAssets and there are just the static meshes,textures and sounds not the Files you said.

    Thanks, KeiwL

  • DeadlyCobra

    Hi, just wanted to let you know, we are now running your mod on our server and its working great. 😀 Also im in progress of converting bifrost and wondered if you wanted to put it on your website. Also I have downloaded skyline and its great but huge size. I found out that the map is uncooked and will reduce size by half if you cook it.

  • [uRh]BORG

    Hi, We are setting up a Server for KilterBR but…

    Having troubles setting up a Server Command Line. If the Server was to Crash for some reason and one of our Members were to restart it by Default I would like it to Keep the KilterBR Settings without having to change Game Type in Web Admin.

    Please give us an example of a working Command line for Kilter BR.

    Thx, Don

  • Off-Kilter

    Hi, yes, we’re aware the maps are uncooked. The reason being if we alter the mod, cooked maps will break :-/

    I’d love to see Bifrost on this BR!

  • Off-Kilter

    Currently our command line is:

    server KBR-BombingHoops?game=KilterBR.BRGame?maxplayers=10?bShouldAdvertise=True?mutator=UTGame.UTMutator_SpeedFreak,UTGame.UTMutator_Instagib,MutTranslocatorFix.UTMutator_TranslocatorFix,UTGame.UTMutator_LowGrav,utcomp3v4b2.ZP_utcomp3v4b2_PingCorrMut,utcomp3v4b2.UTMutator_utcomp3v4b2 -nohomedir

    I removed some passwords and host-specific things that normally get added by your hosting company in their default config, but those are the important parts. As you can see I am running a few mutators, so your line will obviously be a bit different.

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