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This site is a place to tell the world about various mods and maps I and my online clan pals create for Unreal Tournament 2004 and UT3.

I started my Unreal career when Unreal first came out. We used to play it in work after hours all the time. While I dabbled in mapping at the time, I never really got serious about it.

After Unreal, we played a ton of Quake 3 Arena until Unreal Tournament came out, which is when we rediscovered Unreal.

But it wasn’t until UT2003 came out that I started getting into the whole scene more seriously, even playing against people out on the net and eventually joining a clan (Adrenaline clan originally, and later db, then on my own and finally PAIN). My primary gametype became Bombing Run, playing with Instagib, low gravity, and a game speed of 1.35. It was fast paced, and as we all got more adept at it, you could do some crazy tricks with the ball, etc. However, I think its learning curve kept many away. We also played with translocators, which some people just hated. But damn, you could do all sorts of throw/catch combinations, etc.

I also started to write mutators and mess with altered gametypes. Things I wrote (not all were put out there to the world) included:


This was an extension of the old headshot insta mutator that also gave you crotchshots and asshots just for fun.


This one prevented people from scoring a 3 point shot in BR. The reason being that eventually people would just start boosting the ball from across the map into the goal. It’s a fun thing to do now and then, but people couldn’t brings themselves to try to score the old fashioned way — by breaking through the defenses and running the ball into the goal.

Time To Ball

This was a BR gametype subclass (at the time I couldn’t find a better way) that gave you statistics about how fast you could get to the ball. Mostly for training. I never really put this one out there.


This was a gametype done with Moving_Target from another clan. This was BR but with 4 teams instead of two. That was definitely an undertaking but we got it working. Unfortunately towards the end I couldn’t work on it as much at the time, so he finished it up on his own I believe. But the core was done by the time I stopped working on it.

After UT2004 kind of died down, we just all stopped playing. When UT3 came out, I was interested and I checked it out, but I didn’t really care for it all at the time. The network browser was awful, they removed Bombing Run and it just felt really limited. Over time however, they’ve been fixing all the stuff that’s been wrong and I’ve started to mod again. Those mods, etc. will be put up on this site (hey, that’s what this is all for).

So look for some maps and mutators coming hopefully soon. I also hope to post any tips and tricks along the way as I’ve been learning so much stuff about the new engine, as well as remembering all the stuff I forgot since I last dabbled in all this.


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