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Bombing Run (KilterBR)

Bombing Run

KilterBR is just what I’m calling my version of Bombing Run for UT3. Unlike the already existing Bombing Run mod by Relic/Warhead, this one is faithful to the 2k4 version. All your favorites are still there, the goals, the ball, and even the ball launcher.

You can download it here.

Why did I write yet another BR for UT3? Well, two reasons. First, I (and most of the people I play with as well) felt the other BR mod didn’t really capture BR the way we all knew it in 2k4. So I wanted something that was more familiar. Second, I was actually just messing around to learn UT3 and on a lark I decided to see if I could bring the ball mesh over and spawn it. Once I did that, I decided to go the distance and finish it. The core took me about 2-3 weeks to get going, the rest has been detail work. It’s been an awesome learning experience being away from UT coding for a while, and it was a ton of fun.

To be clear: this is NOT some offshoot of Warhead’s BR. This is a port from scratch. Let’s face it, while there were some frustrating issues to work through at times, it isn’t rocket science. Besides, I had plenty of experience in the past during my 2k3/4 days working on QuadBR.

While we are using the 2k4 meshes, etc. at present, over time I’d like to get skins/meshes that blend in with the UT3 look more. I figured let’s start with the things we know and we’ll evolve them over time. I have the 3ds Max, I just need the time… and the talent 😛

How KilterBR Differs

KilterBR differs from the existing BR as follows:

  • It uses the original meshes/skins/sounds as much as we could (for now).
  • It does not allow you to pick up the ball or score when you are on the hoverboard or in any vehicle (like CTF). We feel that while it’s cool to score by zooming through on your board, it makes the gameplay a bit less challenging. Where’s the fun in that?
  • Speaking of hoverboards, Vehicle BR is a separate gametype, like VCTF. Maps are prefixed with VBR instead of BR.
  • The minimap will only show up on Vehicle BR by design.
  • The bots probably suck compared to the other BR. I’m not positive, but I believe they spent a lot more time on bots then I would ever care to. Mostly because I’m lazy, but also because I wanted to spend my time on getting the gameplay right. After spending time with the AI, I can safely say I think there’s bugs in the engine, but I think I’ve worked around them good enough for now. My goal was to get it working at least as good as the CTF AI.
  • We don’t allow the notion of power node objectives in our version. We want BR to stay pure.
  • We don’t try to compensate for low-gravity, etc. We let the engine do what it does.
  • We support Adrenaline, ala 2k4. It can be disabled if you like.

While we’ve tried to keep things simple, there were several things we needed to tweak to get the right feel. We currently offer the following options:

  • 2k4-style movement
  • 2k4-style gravity
  • Disabling of three-point shots. Discourages lazy people from boosting the ball across the map to score.
  • Ability to disable team boosting
  • Adrenaline
  • Rigid Body Physics

I might implement the ‘ball drains translocator’ option from the original someday, but we always had that off because we’re admittedly kind of trans whores.


Mapping information is now on our Mapping Page


You can check out all of our maps on our Maps Download Page.

PS3 Support

We aren’t sure if we’ll do a console variant. I’ve successfully run our BR on the PS3, but at present you can’t port custom sounds to the PS3. I’m not 100% sure how much it matters or not. For the short-term though, we will likely remain PC only. But IT WAS AWESOME TO SEE IT ON MY TV!

Known Issues

At this time, these are the known:

  • The bot AI isn’t too smart.
  • Feigning death while holding the ball will kill you. This seems to be a direct result of basing the ball on KActor, and I haven’t been able to find a way to work around it. So like, don’t do that 🙂

Mutator Compatibility

The Adrenaline feature is accomplished via subclasses to UTPawn and UTPlayerController. I may also subclass UTBot at some point. This may wreak havoc with mutators that replace these classes. I’m happy to discuss solution that don’t involve my doing things on Tick() that can enable any mutators that don’t work with our gametype. Just contact me and I’m sure we can figure something out.

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