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Translocator Bug in UT3 2.0

by on Apr.26, 2009, under UT Bugs

Since upgrading to the 2.0 patch of UT3, we’ve noticed a nasty bug with the translocator. I’ve posted a movie to show the phenomenon.

UPDATE: this still happens in 2.1 🙁

Basically, if you try to shoot the trans while dodging forward, it can get messed up and the client sees the disc in one location while the server thinks it’s in another. This makes it frustrating to play as you can’t always tell where you are going to trans. It tends to happen most when you point the trans downward. It did not happen in 1.3.

If you watch closely, I’m forward dodging and shooting the trans right away. You’ll hear the disc shoot, but see NOTHING. But this can happen any time you are moving forward and shoot sort of downward. Often times you might have trans’d to someplace in midair and try to trans down to a particular point and this just makes it totally unpredictable as to where you’ll end up. In my view, this is a pretty nasty bug.

UPDATE: I’ve been playing with a translocator mut to help me diagnose what’s going on. So far it seems that all other players see your disc fly off, but locally, it bounces off the back of the player (HitWall is called) and drops to the side. It’s almost as if the disc is torn-off for the owner but replicated fine for everyone else. VERY annoying. I may try to create a new trans disc that’s not a projectile, as shooting the ball in my BR gametype does not have this issue.

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