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Bombing Run

KilterBR is our version of Bombing Run, done in the 2k4 style, with Adrenaline! This is our ninth public beta release. It contains no maps, just the core game, but you can download a map from the Maps page.

Please note that if you have downloaded 1.0b1, you will need to redownload the maps as our map prefix has changed to avoid confusion with Warhead’s version of BR. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Changes in 1.0b9

  • Fixed issue in new multi-dodge code which would cause the pawn to not get set up properly (and therefore, not get multi-dodge capability).

Changes in 1.0b8

  • Fixed issue where multi-dodge was glitching/stuttering. Was mostly a replication bug in the gametype, but even with that fix it wasn’t 100%. So multi-dodge is once again part of the core game as an option in the UTKilterBRSettings.ini file. The multi-dodge gives you unlimited dodging, dodge-jump, and if you wall dodge, it can stop your fall.

Changes in 1.0b7

  • Fixed issue where ball trail would zoom from last place ball was picked up to current launch/drop location using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where ball tracking in HUD would sometimes not show correct position when carried using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where if a pawn feigns death while holding the ball, it would actually get killed using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where dodging would appear to lag or glitch.
  • Fixed issue where standing against a wall and shooting ball would reset the ball using Rigid Body physics.
  • Fixed issue where ball would immediately reset if it entered a pain-inducing volume. It now waits until it has landed before ‘dying’ like 2k4. You should use killZ volumes if you want areas where you can shoot the ball into and have it reset immediately.

Changes in 1.0b6

  • Fixed issue where ball could fall out of geometry and you’d get a stream of “ball reset” messages.
  • Fixed issue where ball would say reset, but it wouldn’t get sent back to the ball spawn.
  • Quieted some noise from Squad AI accessing bad variables.
  • Altered Bot behavior if team size is 1.
  • Fixed access of None when a kill was recorded.

Changes in 1.0b5

  • Rigid Body Physics! You can now turn RB physics on/off as an option (it currently defaults to on). The Mod Settings button has a checkbox for this. With RB, you’ll get a more realistic ball effect. We’re still tuning the ball mass, etc. but I wanted to get this out sooner rather than later. So the ball may behave a bit differently in the final release. If you use RB physics, you can have the ball react correctly to water volumes by setting the Rigid Body Damping to around 2. Should behave like it used to in 2k4 water volumes. You’ll also notice the ball rolling around a lot more now 🙂
  • Kimset support. We support events and a condition. See the mapping readme for more information.
  • Tweaked ball trail.
  • Reworked Adrenaline combo code.
  • Added rings around player when activating the Berzerk combo. They used to exist in 2k4, but not in ut3.
  • Moved Adrenaline display to default to right side in order to avoid the play clock. If you play VBR it will be over on the left.
  • Tweaked ball sound to have a better sound radius.

Changes in 1.0b4

  • Fixed an issue where listen servers weren’t replicating the ball rings properly when the ball was possessed.

Changes in 1.0b3

  • Fixed issue which would cause us to rewrite the UTKilterBR.ini file with our old prefix.
  • Removed Multi-dodge and quad jump functionality and pushed it out to mutators, available below.
  • Consolidated options under a ‘bUse2k4Movement’ flag. This now does all it used to, plus corrects dodge speed, jump z, and multi-dodge boost. Also, air control is now set to 0.2 when this setting is used.
  • Added bUse2k4Gravity setting. This setting sets the gravity to approximate 2k4 gravity. If you use the standard UT3 low-grav mutator, we detect this and set it to approximate 2k4 low-gravity. This mean we don’t need a special mutator just to get 2k4 low-grav settings.
  • Removed the RespawnDelay setting and hard-coded it to be 1.0
  • Added settings scene to allow you to change our setting for instant action, etc.
  • Changed default settings to enable throw score, adrenaline, 2k4 movement and 2k4 gravity.
  • Added setting bTeammateBoost (enabled by default) to allow you to turn off team boosting.
  • Fixed issue where if you shot or dropped the ball with your back against a wall that was at the edge of the world, the ball would fall outside. Heck, CTF flags do this too 😛

Changes in 1.0b2

  • Changed map prefixes to KBR and VKBR to avoid confusion with Warhead’s BR. If you already have downloaded maps for use with this mod from our site, you should re-download them to ensure their .ini files are correct.
  • Corrected some inaccuracies in docs.


This mutator is a simple Multi-Dodge mutator. I wrote this when I pulled multi-dodging out of KilterBR for beta 3. It’s based on Worbo’s 2k4 mutator code.

v2 adds an option in its .ini file (bDodgeStopsFall) which, when set to true, stops you from falling if you wall dodge. This matches the 2k4 behavior (even though that was a bug, people). The default is false (off).

This mutator fixes an issue in the UT3 translocator that makes it pretty unplayable. The glitch is that the translocator can hit the player’s back in higher pings. It’s all downhill from there. This is a small fix that makes a world of difference.

The mutator is a simple quad jump mutator. Like MultiDodge above, I wrote this when I pulled multi-dodging out of KilterBR for beta 3.

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